Mahatma Gandhi’s former home revamped ahead Trump’s visit

The former home of India’s independence hero, Mahatma Gandhi, has been renovated as the United States President Donald Trump intends to visit on Monday.

The government of India deployed more than 10,000 police and gave a facelift to the former home on the eve of a visit by U.S. President Donald Trump, whose two-day trip aims to repair bilateral relations after a trade spat.

Donald Trump is expected to arrive in the western city of Ahmedabad on Monday, where he will address a rally of more than 100,000 in a newly-built cricket stadium, before a visit to Agra’s renowned Taj Mahal and a summit with Indian officials and business leaders in New Delhi.

According to reports, more than ten thousand police – some mounted on camels – fanned out across the city in anticipation of the possible 15-minute stop by Trump.

“A general facelift is being done,” said Kartikeya Sarabhai, a trustee of the organization. “(But) the beauty of the Ashram is in its simplicity.”

Sarabhai said that should Trump visit, he is likely to be given a charkha, a traditional spinning wheel used by Gandhi, as well as a copy of his autobiography.

“We are also considering gifting a set of (Gandhi’s) Three Monkeys, which stress on not seeing, hearing, or speaking evil,” Sarabhai added.

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