Look for money and fame on earth, stop looking for heaven – Rev Obofour

Anointed man of God, who doubles as the leader and founder of the Anointed Chapel Palace International, Rev Obofour has advised Christians to go after cash and fame.

According to the man of God Reverend Francis Antwi alias Rev Obofour, Christians should make sure they get two things in this world – money, and fame.

Though there is a great belief that Christians are living on earth to be prepared for Heaven, He advised the opposite.

Obofour said Christians should never let anyone deceive them because we are not on earth to work our way to heaven but we are here on a mission and need to be fulfilled.

In a video that has gone viral, he said: “There are two things that you need to get, Money and Fame. Don’t let any foolish any deceive you that we are on earth because of heaven but we are here on a mission and you need to fulfill.

If you don’t complete your mission you are a failure. Don’t tell me living a lavish life and making life comfortable for your children and also having all the good things on earth are worldly things.”

  1. Percy says

    May the good Lord forgives him because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.You call this man a man of God.he rather belongs to satan.
    He should repent from all his bad deeds for forgiveness because he’s blind.

    1. Allmanners says

      You choose to believe your slave master wait for that heaven…do you see the Bible who brought you the bible..check their country and yours..

      1. Boakye Gyamfi Joseph says

        There is a different between and auther and a seller. The matter of white bringing something which they d8f not write it themselves doesn’t let it belongs to them. Think about this, if you think the whites are evil and have brought evil to Africa, why do our leaders always go there for their evil money? And why do people strife to enter into their land for worth?

    2. King Sparkles says

      Look at you ……you can’t even pay your children School fees but you’re condemning someone who has made life easy for his family. We’re on a mission here so fulfill yours

      1. Kes-Ben Asvp says

        You’ll never know what you have until you loose it…he’s telling you the fact…being poverty shouldn’t be part of living…Dey there 🤣

        1. Okai Emmanuel says

          Stop behaving like a child if everyone on earth is rich who will go to farm to work for money or even sell something for someone to buy, bro that’s nature there should be balance the poor,average and rich even the Bible says it

    3. Casino says

      Plz let’s be careful about the comments. What if he was misquoted? Perhaps that wasn’t the meaning of what he said. I rest my case.

  2. Agnes Nabawanuka says

    The devil and it’s group are all over trying to mislead the people but we will surely stand on truth for we never come in this world with any thing and we will go with nothing

  3. Kofi kwakye says

    Funny some one is doing you good by telling you the truth yet u are calling him satan.you will die to realize that heaven is an illusion.dont make life and you will see how your ancestors will punish you.mentally slaved people called CHRISTIANS

    1. Dogbey Godsway says

      Masa Charley u for open your eyes. Go read bible and stop making people pouring dust in your eyes and don’t repent. You figasay when you die it all or heaven is an illusion. You don’t know what you are saying. The man is preaching hell nonsense to you and you there supporting him. The day sorry to say you dont repent and land in hell there you know that it could have been good if you weren’t even born on this earth. That guy is preaching nonsense and you are blind supporting such nonsense saying he is telling the truth. You better go find a renowned pastor to deliver you from such heresy

    2. Evangelist 1 says

      Mr. Kofi Kwakye please desist quick Bro.
      Whoever is polluting your mind is doing harm please. Heaven is not an illusion because I trust that,if your eyes were opened in the womb you wouldn’t have believed that there is an earth somewhere that you will be walking by yourself and freed as you do now in opposite to be in thee womb.
      We dwelt in the wombas blood and when the time is due the womb said it cint contain the huge body and we come out as babies and when our period ends as it ends in the womb then we are to depart to whwr the soul will also live forever.
      Bro I am not against your point but for nothing at all you are brother and the same name we share, please don’t say heaven it’s an illusion. You can chat me on WhatsApp 0240341260 or 0264448166 or +375293407196. Love you. Let me hear from you

  4. Pablo says

    Thinking of living in heaven is an insult to the creator for creating the Earth for no reason

  5. Dogbey Godsway says

    This guy koraaa wossup with him, he need deliverance. You just continue to preach nonsense and don’t change your life and think hell is for fun. I pray God will surely open your eyes one day before it too late.

  6. Kwessi Mensah Patrick says

    Haahaa it’s very ridiculous…. satan supplies his lies always resembling the truth…. and the tree is determinednot by its name or fame but by its fruit.

  7. Peaches says

    And there will come a time when the very elect shall be deceived..may God have mercy on his Soul

    1. Kofi Babell says

      I won’t say anything to anyone.
      Only God stands best to do this.
      To those who know they are travelling, keep away from trouble. Be fervent in Spirit serving the lord and make known his love to others. Anything outside that is not your business.

      1. Evangelist says

        Nice quote!

  8. C. O says

    God open our way of understanding

  9. Apostle Donald Dwomo says

    There is a way of salvation and a way of prosperity . You can have the fame and live in luxuries on earth and miss heaven.
    Don’t sell your soul to Satan because of money and fame and lose your salvation . You can call me on 233559916867.

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