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List of musicians Keche Andrew’s wife, Joana Gyan has dated in the music industry

Yesterday, news broke on one half of the Keche music group, Keche Andrew tied the knot with Joana Gyan, who happens to be his boss.

Well, according to information available to Gossips24.com, Keche Andrew’s wife, Joana Gyan has dated and allegedly chopped all the male artistes she has bossed on.

It comes as a surprise though but the male artistes she has wined and dined with are not even up to three.

Per the names available to us, aside Keche Andrew, Joana Gyan, now Mrs Joana Cudjoe slept with her former artiste, Kesse.

This makes Keche Andrew the second artiste on Joana Gyan’s list whom she decided to finally settle down with.

Earlier, Kesse in an interview with Sammy Flex revealed that he had an affair with his former boss ─ Joana Gyan.

Many have been wondering whether this gorgeous Joana, slept with the underground artistes she managed back then, well only the gods can answer that question.

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