Lilwin’s Former Manager, Zack Threatens To Deal With Prophet Nigel Gaisie

Abdul Razack Amissah (Zack), former manager of actor Kwadwo Nkansah (Lilwin) is outraged following a prophecy by Prophet Nigel Gaisie that he has planned the downfall of the Kumasi-based comic actor.

During one of his prophetic sessions, the founder and leader of the True Word Fire Prophetic Ministries told Lilwin who had visited the church for the first time that Zack had bought a padlock, handed it over to a spiritualist to lock it.

This, the prophet said, was as part of Zack’s efforts to obstruct Lilwin’s progress.

He said: “Someone has sent you to a spiritualist to bind you. This is being backed by the younger sister of your mother who is a twin. I hear a name like ‘Zack’. Someone has bought a padlock and handed it over to a spirit to shut you up. That person is called ‘Zack’”.

Lilwin who had been called forward smiled in response, adding that he was aware he is being hunted.

“They will not succeed because God says he’s about to bless you in abundance. The angel I work with will set fire into that padlock soon,” the prophet said afterwards.

Responding to the prophecy, an angry Zack dared Gaisie to provide evidence, failing to do so, he says will result to a suit.

Zack further swore he has no evil intentions against Lilwin.

“If I have ever cursed Lilwin or sent him to a spiritualist, may God deal with me drastically. Nigel Gaisie, I give you one week, I’ll take legal actions against you. I give you just a week to prove which spiritualist I sent Lilwin to. If he says he’s a man of God, I give him just a week; he’ll hear from me,” said Zack in a video.

“You’re one of the fake prophets. For the first time, Lilwin has come to your church so you want to impress him. Preach about salvation and stop the false prophecies.

“I’ve lived at Shukura before. Go and ask about me. They know me. They’ll tell you about me. I’ve lived at Tabora Alhaji where your church is located. I know there. I give you one week to tell where I sent Kwadwo. If you’re unable to, you’ll hear from me.

“I pray for Lilwin every day. I wish him well. God knows I have no evil intentions about him but you want to disgrace me. You don’t have any powers. Why are you deceiving people? Why?”

The relationship between Lilwin and Zack which traces back to 2006 soured a year ago after a misunderstanding ensued.


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