Legendary Ghanaian music producer, Hammer, shares his Hell experience (Video)

According to the famed Ghanaian record producer, he took a hiatus from his regular duties after contracting COVID-19, which nearly brought his life to an abrupt end.

He stayed on the medication for three days, according to Da Hammer of the Last Two, but his health continued to deteriorate, so he decided to get a professional clinical test done.

Hammer further claimed that the tests revealed he had malaria and typhoid, and that he was given treatment as a result.

He said in a video on his YouTube website that a nurse told him his malaria and typhoid levels in his blood were too low to be the cause of his poor health, but he ignored it until he became very ill three days later, to the point where he couldn’t breathe properly.

Whiles narrating his ordeal, he said;

I have faced an adversary that I have never faced as long as I have lived. I have been to hell and back, basically and I wanted to share this because it is important that people know what lurks around our neighbourhoods, around our offices, around our daily endeavours basically. So a month ago, I had malaria. And you know Ghana and our self-treatment, I go get Coartem”.

 it was 1 am, and I was suffering. The bell that calls the Nurses wasn’t working. So I really thought that I was going to go. My breathing became a problem. I was suffering. I had a panic attack. It was 1 am I was calling the nurse. I think I actually shed a tear because I was scared,” he said.

“Listen, I was afraid. I was afraid, and I thought I was going to go. So I was scared. So I was doing these videos because I truly thought I was going to go. And I wanted to leave something behind that people could use, especially my family

Source: Gossips24.com

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