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Latest Trending Picture Of Okomfuo Kwadee Leave Ghanaians Teary

Ghanaian veteran rapper born Jerry Anaaba who performed under the stage name Okomfuo Kwadee has left Ghanaians teary with latest viral picture exposing his wretched present state.

Okomfuo Kwadee was strikingly magnificent in the Hiplife genre druing his active music career years. His command over the Akan lingo in constructing witty phrases was of highest standard and faultless

His flow, composure and choice of lyrics still remains idiosyncratic. Most notable among his hit songs are ; ( Ofie Nipa, Abrantee , Yee ko maa p3) and other vintage classics.

The Hiplife maestro re-surfaced in the media space last year after going on hibernation for close to eight years fighting drug addiction. Music lovers embraced him in good fate hoping he would announce a massive comeback into music but unfortunately he’s situation got worsened.

A new trending picture of this commemorated rap virtuoso has got the populace ranting and teary. His core fans can’t get over the shock accompanied with having a sharp glance of the picture.

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