Lady painfully narrates how her wicked big-sister slept and eventually snatched the husband from her

A Nigerian divorced lady has taken to the comments section of a Facebook post to unfold the disgusting event which happened between her wicked big sister and her irresponsible who can’t close his zip for just a second.

As sadly recounted by this resentful and pained woman, her own blood sister slept with the husband, got pregnant and went ahead to marry him just after “minutes” of relocating to their house to help take care of her newborn baby.

This personal life experience was purposely dropped in the comments box of a Facebook post to strengthen another woman who found out that her husband is the father of her sister’s son.

Kindly take a look at her narration below;

Hello. I saw a post about a husband being the father of his wife’s sisters son and they claimed they did ivf. Tell the poster to be strong. I am in a similar situation. If not worst. My mum is dead. I gave birth to my second son and because mum was no more. My eldest sister came for omugwo. She started sleeping with my husband behind my back and he got her pregnant within 1 month of her stay. My husband said he love her and wants to marry her. I begged my sister not to marry my husband. She refused. She went ahead and married my husband. Now she has Skids for my husband and I have 4. Please tell the poster to be strong and fight for her marriage.


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