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Lady Goes Viral For Her Carpentry Job

Hustling in life is a good thing for both genders. The truth is that whether you are ‘a masculine or feminine entity’, the ability to acquire your own cash, properties or other stuff makes you feel confident and alright in life.

In the absence of owning things yourself, you might be living off the leftovers from others or you might as well be doing odd stuff for chump change just for survival. Because most females these days feel that men owe them money as a result of their huge butts, breasts, or other attractive physical features of theirs, some have decided not to work at all. Such persons have been classified as slay queens who want to chase everyone else with how beautiful they feel they’re and how they do their “cool stuff”. These female breeds show everything of theirs on social media. After finishing the life savings of their targets, they move to a new unsuspecting victim.

with this trend popular these days, it becomes a miracle to see a woman doing jobs meant for men. Such jobs may include masonry, painting, carpentry, and so forth.

A woman has gone viral for doing her carpentry job. Even though we cannot pinpoint where the photo emanated from, it has sparked a public discussion as to how hardworking the woman is whilst other females see opening their thighs as the only profession on earth!

What do you make of this?

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