Kwesi Arthur’s Father Accompanies Him To The Barbering Shop

The Father of Ghanaian musician Kwesi Arthur has taken his son to the barbering shop as he was sitting down as he watch his son get a clean shave.

Kwesi Arthur‘s father whose name was identified as Mr Danso was seen pressing his phone as his son sat down quietly whiles his barber tried to give him a haircut that suits the child of an elder of the Church Of Pentecost.

Apparently, his dad is a staunch Christian who is very strict on the way his children portray themselves to society. 

The man who wouldn’t leave his son to get any kind of haircut that he wanted for himself since he is now a star decided to take him there by himself and direct the barber which hairstyle to give the music star.

It was all fun as the barber and Kwesi Arthur beamed with smiles as his father looked on while he was being shaved.

Watch the video below;

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