Kwaku Manu reacts after man used Antoa to curse him for chopping his wife (video)

Renowned Kumawood actor Kwaku Manu has reacted to a trending video of a man invoking curses on a certain guy for eating his wife.

In the video sighted by, the US-based Ghanaian man called on some popular gods to invoke curses on Kwaku Manu for chopping and snatching his wife.

After the video, a lot of people tagged the popular Kumawood actor Kwaku Manu for being the one the man rained curses on.

The actor without delay quickly reacted to the video with a video of his own as he denied being the one who snatched the innocent man’s wife.

According to Kwaku Manu, people should stop tagging him because he is not insane to sleep with someone else’s wife.

He denied being the Kwaku Manu being mentioned in the curses video. The actor explained it’s just coincidence that the person being cursed is called Kwaku Manu


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