Kumawood could release a movie on coronavirus

It feels unfathomable at the moment to even dare to think or write about anything else because we have on our table, a global pandemic. The Coronavirus outbreak has taken the joy out of almost everything.

If you are visiting Earth for the first time today you will find the unsavoury presence of the chaos that has claimed lives and shut down economies.

Here in Ghana, the cases keep rising day by day. I do shiver at the thought that by this time tomorrow, there will be even more cases to handle in as much as no cases were recorded as at 11 am today – Monday, March 30, 2020. Self-isolation and adhering to the Lockdown measures are the way to at least try to weather the fiery storm that is upon us.

Self-isolation has also got me thinking, since I’m less occupied, about a post coronavirus era where millions will rejoice. One where relationships will be revitalised. One where nations will recoup what has been lost.  The streets will come to life once more. It will also be one that will be characterized by a new movie from our darling Kumawood about the trials and victory over the virus.

Kumawood has always been one of Ghana’s grandest gift to the world.  I mean, face the fact; the biggest industry in Ghana despite its inability to be on Netflix, churning out quality movies and humongous talents.

If you follow Kumawood, you know it has only become a tradition for the industry to mirror films after certain occurrences. Of course, I cannot forget Ebola by Samuel Ofori, the 2014 thriller about the Ebola Virus outbreak in 2014. That was one movie that mirrored the deadly disease plaguing Africa.

Kumawood could release a movie on coronavirus
Kumawood could release a movie on coronavirus? Here is one on Ebola

Perhaps, we could have something of that nature this time?

And what will this be called? Corona Amanehunu? Coronavirus Part 1,2 &3? What about the cast? Will the artistic and fortuitous displays of the grandmasters such as Akrobeto, Bernard Nyarko, Kwaku Manu, Lilwin, Mercy Asiedu, Nana Ama McBrown be on the screen once more? Will the services of the modern-day talents like Akuapem Poloo, Kalybos, Pamela Odame Watara be employed?

I am even keen, for my sake and for everyone all over the world, about the storyline. How will this one play out? Will someone risk their life for a solution? Will someone find a cure? Will it be a Kumawood star or someone else as the hero? What will be the world’s reaction? Whose lives will be saved? How near or far are we from witnessing such a day? Will things only get worse before they become better?

Questions and more questions continue to roll in my head as I think these things through. As it is, we are not out of the shadows just yet. At this point, we can only follow the stipulated rules and move closer to who or what we believe in for a miracle.

A source of reprieve to myself and any other weary soul out there is that sooner or later, there will b a new movie that tells the tale of a virus fought and overcome. One day, it will be there, controlling the cinemas nationwide.

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