Kennedy Agyapong angrily reveals his plans of sacking all the workers at Ash FM and closing the radio station down

Ghanaian maverick politician and outspoken businessman who owns a conglomerate of businesses – Hon Kennedy Agyapong; Has angrily revealed his plans of sacking all the workers at Ash FM and closing the radio station down.

According to the NPP firebrand who is highly disappointed in the staff of Ash FM, he has made plans underway for the closure of the Kumasi-based radio station because they are highly unprofessional and lack civility when going about their duties.

During an appearnce on Net 2 TV’s hot seat program, he fumed that;

Let’s come home, Ash FM got me very sad this weekend. The next time I go to Kumasi I will close the radio station; I will sack everyone. It is filled with typical villagers. Let me tell you why I say they are villagers who are disgracing Ashantis.

I am travelling and as soon as I get back, I will close the station. We were listening to the news on our way to Takoradi, we had tuned in to Ash FM and they were reporting on someone who had been robbed. They spent the tie between 6 to 6:30 running a commentary about how the person was attacked and beaten up.

As soon as he finished another guy came to continue with sports and the pace with which he was speaking, it was as though he was running a live commentary. I called Kenneth to find out what was going on because I don’t have their numbers.

I allow them to work; everybody to work. But they are thieves, criminals. About 80% of journalists in Ghana are thieves. The guy was giving sports news and he was shouting throughout, I inquired why he was doing that and the answer I was given is that ‘this is how we do it in Kumasi.’ But it is not true

These are the same people who will tell Akufo-Addo to fix the country, have you fixed your bad character? Have you fixed your horrible attitude


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