I’ve Been Dating My Husband Online for A Year But he Doesn’t Know It’s Me – ‘Clever’ Wife Reveals

It takes a clever wife to be able to chop twice from the same man, once as a wife and also as a side chick.

But a Kenyan woman has managed to accomplish this rare feat for one full year.

The lady, Nyakisumu Kelly, revealed in the Kenyan version of ‘Tell It All’ that her husband was on the verge of discovering her ruse and since she still wants to continue chopping his money as a side chick, she needs advice on what to do.

“I have dated my husband online for one year now but he doesn’t know it’s me. He knows am a Mombasa resident and so he has been sending me rent every month…He tells me his wife died in the Westgate terror attack…He trusts me such that every time I ask him to send me some cash, he sends without hesitating,” she revealed.

However, the husband is now ready to meet the ‘sidechick’ and definitely chop her down but since Kelly cannot meet him without her deception being discovered, she’s seeking advice.

Check out her story below and help this legendary woman keep chopping her husband ‘double-double’.

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