It Is Not A Sin For A Christian To Drink Alcohol – Gospel Musician asserts

Budding London based Ghanaian gospel singer, Alice Mckenzie has backed Christians who find it hard to do away with alcohol, says its not a sin.

A while ago, Gospel musician Diana Asamoah in an interview revealed that only senseless people drink alcohol.

Well, reacting to Diana Asamoah’s notion, Alice Mckenzie stated that a Christian can drink alcohol but not abuse it.

“I think a Christian can drink but need to have a limit to it because alcohol itself has its own advantages and disadvantages“.

She even backed it with a Bible verse: Galatians 5:13 that anyone who wants to drink should do that in moderation and 1 Timothy 5:23 which talks about drinking little wine for the sake of one’s stomach and frequent cases of sickness.

She added that she doesn’t drink liquor by any means, however, she supposes the discussion of whether liquor is great or not ought not to be constrained to Christians but rather one’s experience, restorative esteem, manner, and condition must be considered into the dialog.

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