‘It Has Been Difficult All Round’ – Dr. Nduom Open Up On Hard Times

This is a confirmation to speculation than Dr. Papa Kwasi Ndum has been going through darker moments.

The Chief executive of Groupe Ndoum has swiftly narrates how life has been tough for the last four years.

Over the weekend the founder of Progressive People’s Party, join the people of Elimina where he hails from to observe the Bakatue festival.

He narrates in a short-spoken message, Dr Nduom said, “it’s been a long time since I stood anywhere at Elmina or elsewhere in the country like this. Maybe four years ago when we travelled across the country for the bank. Since then, I have been living almost exclusively in the USA for health and business reasons,” he said.

The business Magnate while reminding the people of his challenges personally and business wise, admitted that “it has been difficult all around”.

While addressing concerns about Groupe Ndoum he saids, he and the team are working vigorously to solve the challenge facing them.

“We are working hard, solving problems and praying to God to reward our efforts with success. When we succeed, Edinaman and the whole country will benefit from our success,” he assured.

He added, “but I have believed in my faith, truth and hard work. So we have never given up.”He said, “Bakatue also signifies a new season and new beginnings. That is what I wish for everyone and Edinaman.”

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