Islamic SHS Student Who Was Shot By Police Narrates What Happened (Video)

Yesterday we reported earlier that some female students went unconscious after having an encounter with the Ghana police service where warning shots were fired and tear gas was fired.

Everything began when students and teachers decided to demonstrate in order to create a rump on a road near their school that is killing them.

When demonstrating, they clashed with policemen, who asked them to stop demonstrating and go back to school, but they wouldn’t listen. This made the policemen fire some warning shots and tear gas, which made a lot of people go unconcious.

However, in a new video, a male student whose bullet penetrated his legs has revealed how that happened. According to the student, he was on top of the staff block of their school when the police started firing the warning shots. One bullet passed through a wall of the building, entering his leg.

Per the video, the boy looks okay, but we are yet to record a death resulting from the incident yesterday.

Watch the video below;


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