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Road Transport Operators union entreats commuters to disregard news of an increase in transport fares

The Road Transport Operators Union has entreated the general public to disregard any news of an increase in trasnport fares.

According to the group, a meeting held with stakeholders to determine new fares was inconclusive.

A press statement that has been dropped by the group reads

The meeting reviewed the cost components including the recent increase in the price of petroleum products, cost of spare parts, inflation, drivers salaries, and taxes among others. The meeting was, however, inconclusive.

We entreat all transport operators to stay calm, as we negotiate for a fare adjustment within the shortest possible time . We also entreat the general public to disregard any purported increase in fares

The Road Transport Operators union further communicated that owing to some ambiguity in the Income Tax Amendment Act 2021 (Act 1066), which suspends the payment of Vehicle Income Tax (VIT) for taxis and trotros, they

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Have, therefore, commenced discussions with the Ministry of Finance and the Ghana Revenue Authority, to bring clarity to the application of the Vehicle Income Tax.

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