I’m clearing Mahama’s 24 billion legacy debts – Akuffo Addo

– President Nana Akufo-Addo has said that except for one or two unfortunate incidents, his government have been able to handle the ‘dumsor’ menace.

– According to the president, the NPP government is also clearing debts left by the Mahama administration President Akufo-Addo has said that his government is in the process of clearing a $2.4 billion legacy debt inherited from the erstwhile Mahama administration.

The President said his government has so far managed to provide sustainable power and have been able to handle ‘dumsor’. According to him, “today, we are exporting energy to Burkina Faso, we will begin, again, to Togo.”

He said solving the power situation is crucial to the success of the operation of the bauxite, iron and steel industries.

The President made the statement during a town hall meeting with members of the Ghanaian community in Worcester, Massachusetts, on Saturday, 30 March.

He said “the Mahama government had lost control over the management of the economy”, hence taking Ghana to the IMF.

“Even when they left office in 2016, the issue was still at large. But, by discipline, by honest management of our public’s finances, we have brought the situation back to where it should be. So, we have exited the IMF programme,” Nana Addo said.

“What I am saying to Ghanaians, to all of us, is that, in the 62 years of our independence, this was the 16th IMF bailout programme that the nation had gone into. Let it be the last time that we would resort to an IMF

“From now on, we are going to maintain the discipline in the management of our public finances, so that we will never have to have recourse to an IMF bailout programme again,” he added.

President Akufo-Addo said his government is determined to maintain fiscal discipline in other to empower investors. “The Ghanaian economy is looking robust, and is being organized and managed in a disciplined manner,” he added.

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