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I Will Remain Loyal To The NDC Because NPP Neglected Me But Mahama Came To My Rescue Wayoosi Says

Wayoosi whose real name is Joseph Nana Osei Kofi says he will forever remain loyal to the NDC because they came to his aid when he was admitted at the hospital. 

He further revealed that it was Mahama the former president who came to his aid at the hospital through the creative Arts Industry if not by now he doesn’t know what would have happened to him.

According to him, Mahama came to the hospital with Elizabeth Ofosu Agyare the creative arts minister to visit him and pay all his hospital bills.

Ever since the former president came to my rescue, I have been looking for him to personally thank him Wayoosi said.

He also said the NPP abandoned him when he needed them the most and because of that there was no way he was returning to them or was he ever going to campaign for them.

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