I Was Locked In A Room For 10 Years Without A Window – Hammer Reveals

Ever since he stopped doing music, music producer, Hammer ventured into entrepreneurship which included partnering with a baker, owner of A1 Bread Godfred Obeng Boateng to introduce one of Accra’s popular bread brands and most recently A1 Bread.

Hammer after finding his new love for selling bread admitted some time ago that his decision to go into baking and selling of bread was in line with his quest to empower the youth.

Speaking to Kafui Dey in a recent interview on GTV Breakfast show, Hammer explained why he made the drastic changes regarding his career.

According to him, he felt like a prisoner because he was locked up in a room with no windows for over 15 years.

He used to spend those days inside his studio, barely eaten and sometimes eaten late because he was engrossed in beat making and producing songs for artistes.

“I was bored, I felt like a prisoner. For 15-plus years, I was locked up in a room with no window.

The artistes come and go….these boys were out on stage jumping around, when they come back, you are still in that space,” he said.

Speaking on the GTV Breakfast show with Kafui Dey the host, he added that “I sat down for eight hours playing, making beats, producing and it got boring at some point. So, I became like an uncaged dog when I got the chance to get out. That’s why you see me on the street”.

Hammer further revealled that he was not as fat as he is today, he gained weight as a result of the indoors lifestyle his career subjected him, he hardly get any form of exercise.“My name is ‘Slim The Hammer’ I wasn’t fat, I was an athlete in Presec. So, this business of becoming big was the studio,” He said.

He added that he hasn’t touched any sound engineering equipment in the past seven years. “I have a small set up at home that my children use, so after the playing around, I want to get the thing back to my fingers. I’m gonna need some help though. It’s been seven years since I touched equipment,” he told Kafui Dey.

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