I Want to go Back To Ghana France Based-Ghanaian Laments

Fredrick Adu Amankwah has opened up on how he desperately want to go back to his homeland because of high cost of living.

According to the father of two he earns €500 but receives only half of the salary.

Speaking to daily hustle worldwide, Mr. Adu says his decision to abodon crane operation job which paid Ghs 2500 allowance in Ghana for France is the worse decision he had ever made in life.

“I’m proud to say I want to to Ghana. I went to Ghana embassy here for documents but the said people are crossing the sea to come. The persuaded me to stay”. He said

He further added that he is unhappy for his six year stay in France,” I told my sister If I knew I would be stranded here because of document I wouldn’t have come here. In Ghana my white employer begged me to work and I received transport allowance too.” He added

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