I Hookup With Beautiful Ladies Who Show Interest In Me – Pappy Kojo

Hip-Hop/Hip-life artiste, Pappy Kojo is among the most handsome looking artists in Ghana and has proudly disclosed how he enjoys hooking up with beautiful ladies who express interest in him.

According to Pappy Kojo in an interview on Joy News channel monitored by Gossips24.com, he enjoys having fun with an array of ladies providing they are interested in him.

This revelation came up when the rapper was asked by the host if he got attention from women looking at how handsome he is and if he has a girlfriend.

The Taddi rapper with pride stated that, he has a girlfriend of which he has been with for over seven years but oftentimes sieves his Instagram and Twitter girls who like him and settle to play with the pretty ones.

 He further made it known that his relationship did not restrict him from living the life of a 40-year-old man. He admitted to dating other girls on the side but confessed that those relationships were meaningless and fleeting.

Pappy revealed that these decisions were because sometimes he felt suffocated with those around him and needed his space. He also said his girlfriend of seven years was aware of his preferences and makes herself scarce whenever needed.

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