I Have Made More Ladies Beautiful Than They Used To Be – Dr. Obengfo

Dr. Obengfo who happens to be a body enhancement specialist has claimed that he has made a lot of women very beautiful with his works reason the masses should concentrate less about his certificate in liposuction but the quality of his works.

According to the Chief Executive of Advanced Body Sculpt Centre, Dr. Dominic Obeng-Andoh, those questioning his competence as a guru in liposuction are only being mischievous noting that all his products are so visible.

This comes after Dr Obeng-Andoh who is also known as Obengfo was acquitted on Tuesday by the Accra High Court on charges of practicing medicine without a license and operating an unlicensed medical facility.- Advertisement –

The court upheld the submission of “no case” filed by his lawyers on the basis that the prosecution failed to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt by presenting insufficient evidence and witnesses whose testimonies were riddled with inconsistencies.

In a television interview with Accra-based TV3 on Thursday, October 10, 2019, Dr Obeng-Andoh, although failed to answer questions on his training in liposuction, he said those questioning his qualification were only being mischievous.

“Let no one think that Dr. Obeng Andoh is doing everything badly. I get clients from around the world; from everywhere including doctors, including doctors’ wives, so if it is bad, how will I even do it on my own wife, my own staff?

Let’s even assume I didn’t even do any training and I’m doing such quality work, will you not give me an award?” he stated.

He further pointed a finger at the Medical and Dental Council for driving those questioning his competency.

“Let’s assume today, as I stand now, God puts a brilliant medical idea into my brains now that nobody taught me and I’m solving medical problems so why do someone desires to arrest me. I won’t even go into that. Now my products are so visible, I am not going to defend myself anyway. Do you see all the beautiful girls in town? Do you see all the transformation in town?” he said.

Portion of text taken from 3news.com.

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