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Sad story; I had to confess to an unknown crime just to save my poor life from SARS officials- man claims


A Nigerian citizen by name  Terfa Gundu, has told the judicial panel of Buene that some members of the SARS operational force detained him and afflicted pain and torture on him to force him to confess to stealing.

According to the 34 old year old man he had no idea of what he was being accused of but he had to accept that he was guilty of stealing just to save his life.

SARS was recently disbanded by the Nigerian Government due to series of protests that went on in Nigeria following their brutal activities on the poor people of Nigeria

Below is the statement of Terfa Gundu;



”They arrested me and took me to Mopol 13 and they took me to one small room and asked me to prove the items that I have stolen. I told them that I do not know what they are talking about.

They handcuffed me and asked me to squat. They put a rod across me and then started using a baton to beat me my body such as my hands and knees. 

Afterwards, they poured fuel on my back and used lighter to ignite it.

When it became painful for me, I told them to drop me that I am the one that carried the things.”


According to the panel of justice, Justice will be meted out to all people who have been mistreated  by the SARS officials.


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