I Don’t Care If You Say I Am A Funeral Musician – Bisa Kdei

Guess its the hate, out of nowhere Ghanaians started tagging Bisa Kdei as a Funeral Artiste. Many opined that all Bisa Kdei’s songs do is end up on funeral grounds.

Bisa who has accepted the tag often teases himself on social media and in a recent video reported on by Gossips24.com the artiste flaunted a mansion which he stated that monies from his funeral songs were used to put up the structure.

Well, in a recent interview with DJ Reuben on Luv FM, Bisa Kdei disclosed that he’s released songs like Brother Brother, Mansa, Give it to Baba among others, but people want it to seem like he drops funeral songs and that’s not the case.

When asked why people refer to him as a Funeral Artiste, he said,

“I don’t even know for them, I’ve done soo much for Highlife; It Hurts Me When People Say I Do Funeral Songs. Brother Brother, Mansa, Give it to Baba and still people want to refer to me as a funeral musician, how?”

He continued to reveal how he has developed a thick skin for such trolls hence doesn’t care anymore.

“Now, i don’t care when i’m being referred to as a Funeral Musician”.

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