Hushpuppi Alleged Ex-Wife Discloses She Married Him For His Money, Not The Love [Video]

Infamous internet scammer, Hushpuppi is now waiting for his trial in October after agreeing to plead guilty and face up to 20 years in prison.

He has currently mentioned Nigerian supercop, DCP Abba Kyari as his accomplice who helped him to arrest and jailed his competitor to scheme his victim $1.1 million.

A lady has popped up who claims to be the ex-wife of Hushpuppi born Ramon Abbas giving folks on Twitter how is it like to be the wife of the embattled scammer.

According to the lady identified as Cece Megan, the two were married for two years but refused to hint at what led to their separation.

She made this known in a TikTok video during a Question and Answer session and she made it known that she married him because of his money when a fan asked.

She added that the most expensive gift Hushpuppi bought for her is an expensive island in Asia.

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