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The pot calling the kettle black: How Afia Schwarzenegger called Delay barren in 2016 but cursing lady who called Selly Galley barren in 2020

In life, one need not rush to go for the head of offenders regardless of how painful and sensitive the issue is and this is the case of loudmouth Afia Schwarzenegger.

I’m pretty sure you’ve might catch a glimpse of Ghanaian actress Selly Galley where a female troll used sensitive words to describe her.

The troll identified of Hennewaa on Instagram tagged Selly Galley as ugly and barren – a statement Selly found it very offensive and she rained multiple curses on the troll.

Barely 24 hours ago, Afia Schwarzenegger out of nowhere waded into Selly business, and as she woke up at midnight when she’s not been hired or whatsoever and rained social media curses on the female troll.

She said: “I call on the god of curses and I make a decree on your life today, you’ll live to testify these curses on your life. St*pid girl. How can you call someone barren when she didn’t offend you in any way? May God deal with you!!.”

All-wise Afia Schwarzenegger thought she’s made it in life after evoking empty social media curses on Henewaa but, apparently, she has forgotten she committed the same offense in 2016.

In 2016, when she started fighting Delay, the one who brought her into the limelight by giving her a role in a television series which name Afia Schwar bears till now, she called her a barren woman.

In one of the posts she made on Instagram, Afia wrote: “Tag the barren that is fighting children over names,committing suicide over MY X6….@penalistic_pena got a message for them!!!!”.

Prior to her attack, another post by Afia had the following caption;

Please Aunty Galatians 7,
Before u discuss me and my brothers please try and be useful by attempting pregnancy!!!!
Barrens don’t talk against fruitful women and their children…that is termed Jealousy. no wonder you are fighting children over names!
Aunty grow up wai !!!!
Blessed Sunday to all my godly Aunties and Uncles”.

Now tell me, who is the most hypocrite here? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Source: Gossips24.com

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