Hot Filla! Hopeson Adorye accused of k!lling his first wife to marry Empress Gifty (Video)

Earlier last week, the NPP’s dirty works superintendent trended on the internet for bad reasons after he lied that Twene Jonas has been kicked out of his house and additionally fired from his job.

Ghanaians, most especially fans of Twene Jonas didn’t spare Hopeson Adorye as they dragged, roasted, and bathed him with vulgar words.

Although, Hopeson Adorye hasn’t come out to reply to any of the gruesome insults thrown at him at his doorsteps but the fire under his ass is not going off anytime soon.

The latest person to land another deep allegation on Hopeson Adorye’s head is Ohene David. Ohene David who is noted for insulting our leaders has accused Hopeson Adorye of killing his own first wife (Auntie Maggie) in order to marry Empress Gifty with no stress.

Ohene David further asserted that Hopeson Adorye k!lled his wife after she caught him cheating on her.

Hopeson Adorye has never seen his children in Germany since his first wife died, according to Ohene David.

Auntie Maggie, the first wife of politician Hopeson Adorye, died in Germany in 2017. She died of cancer, according to reports.

Check out the video below to know more…


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