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Here is why the late Jerry John Rawlings wants his body to be burnt

The late Jerry John Rawlings was born on June 22, 1947, in Accra to James Ramsey John, a Scottish chemist, and Victoria Agbotui.

He was educated at Achimota, a prestigious boarding school in the British model in Accra.

The late former president of Ghana had two things at heart, Ghana and Achimota. The fact that Achimota gave him a shot to enter the Air Force since he was part of the cadet corps alone speaks volume of how the school contributed immensely to his career as a leader of the nation Ghana.

However, one thing that has become a mystery to many following the reportage which casts our minds back to wish to be cremated instead of being buried in a coffin is one that many are trying to uncover, but we – Gossips24.com – think we know why he opted to be burnt.

The late former president in his wish said, “I am looking forward to being cremated and my ashes brought to the Achimota forest and used to plant a few trees”. This statement is born out of the love Jerry John Rawlings had for Achimota as a town, the school, and most especially, its forest.

Casting our minds to 2015, the late J.J Rawlings in a meeting with the authorities at Achimota Senior High School on a usual visit told them, “I couldn’t believe what I saw. I was amazed at the structures, the greenery, the gardens surrounding the structures, the houses. It was like Achimota had risen out of the ashes. The place gave me so much spiritual satisfaction that it just sparked some hope in me and I thought that if Achimota could do it then Ghana can do it”.

From his statement, we understand that the forest gave him so much peace and was literally his spiritual home. Therefore instead of laying in his hot coffin, he’d rather prefer to go back to where he always found peace and hope once he is dead.

Again, it was always his wish to protect where he found peace, but since he can no longer do that now that he is dead, his spirit would perhaps guard and protect the forest and its inhabitants when his ashes are sprinkled and used to plant a few trees.

This is why the late Jerry John Rawlings wishes to be cremated and his ashes sprinkled in the Achimota forest, but as to whether his wish will be granted, that is another story for the gods and only the days ahead can tell. For now, May his gentle soul rest in peace!

SOURCE: Gossips24.com

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  1. Benjamin qweku Benson says

    Rest in peace Mr JJ

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