Has Lydia Forson Regretted Making Some Comments In The Past? Checkout Her Post

Last weekend, a leading member of the Ghanaian celebrity feminist group got married, and a lot of people were hoping it was the man of her dreams since she was looking for a man who could cook and wash for her.

This raised a lot of comments, and Lydia Forson has commented based on the comments he has witnessed concerning the marriage of her dear friend, Bridget Otoo.

Lydia Forson, on the other hand, appears to be dissatisfied with the comments people are leaving because their tweets and posts are frequently misinterpreted, resulting in mockery and taunting.

She wrote:

I regret how in all the excitement, we forgot that in this age of social media we have to package our experiences to the public, to avoid misinterpretation. What was just us fooling and taunting a couple has now turned into thesis and analysis. Smh

Source: Gossips24.com

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