GRA To Chase Oswald’s Teacher Mrs. Appiah For Gift Tax, They Said “Get Ready For Us”

Oswald’s teacher has been notified by the Ghana Revenue Authority as they’re monitoring all proceedings and the gifts she will be receiving from big companies.

The teacher was given the topmost priority during the ‘Our Day’ which Oswald petitioned her mother about and went viral.

A teacher of Christ Ambassador School in Dansoman known as Mrs. Appiah was described by the 9 years old Oswald that she’s his favorite teacher as she helped him to settle in the school.

In the petition of Oswald, he told the mother in the letter that his favorite teacher was going to receive a big bottle of soda drink from the pupil but everything changed after the petition letter went viral which attracted several companies to sponsor the ‘Our Day’.

Mrs. Appiah has since attracted sponsorship deals from some of the top brands hence GRA claims they’re monitoring all the donations including the others that will come even beyond the ‘Our Days’

In a post shared by the Ghana Revenue Authority on their Instagram page, that they can’t take donation tax from Oswald as he’s too young but the Teacher will definitely be eligible to pay.

The authority wrote, “The boy is too young for gift tax but somebody should kindly tell Mrs. Appiah to get ready for us ???”

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