God Speaks To Me Audibly Like In The Movie ‘Venom’ – Majid Michel

Ghanaian actor now turned a pastor, Majid Michel has said he hears the voice of so audibly like the same way American actor Tom Hardy hears his alien symbiote in the ‘Venom’ movie.

Speaking in an interview, the award-winning actor affirm that he knew God as early as seven years.

According to him, he knew God since becoming aware of things, he added that the voice he hears in his head is an inner voice.

He further noted God would even communicate things that were going to happen before they did.

“I’ve always known God all my life. There was no turning point. Since I remember being aware in life, I have known God,” he said.

“I’m sitting in a taxi with some of the people in my house on the North Kaneshie road and I’m seven years old. God tells me your taxi is going to hit the guy in front of you. And baam! Right there. I was seven, really young and I remember it clearly.

“How did I know the car was going to hit the guy in front of us? God told me. Have you seen the movie Venom? Venom is this monster that talks to Tom Hardy. How venom talks to the guy is how you hear it. It is inside you. Some people hear it audibly like this. I can hear it audibly,” he added.

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