God Is Okay With Tattoos – Pastor Pascal Amanfo

Movie producer Pascal Amanfo has claimed that tattoos cannot hinder someone from being a good Christian.

He made this statement in an interview with Sokoo Hemaa on Rainbow radio while promoting Selassie Ibrahim’s new movie “40 looks good on you” with actor Eddie Watson.

The producer turned preacher during the interview on Thursday morning made comments about Christian’s responsibilities and the lack of knowledge among Christians nowadays.

According to the producer, people who condemn tattoos are the same people who have decided to flaunt the other rules stated in the Bible.

He claimed that Christians prefer miracles and wonders to reading and understanding the Bible.

He also opined on the mid-morning show that it is irresponsible on the part of Christians to be spoon-fed by their preachers instead of taking the Bible to learn for themselves and build a personal relationship with God

Pascal Amanfo questioned if there is a different Bible for Africans because people pierce their tongues and do all sort of things in churches abroad yet these same pastors do not say anything about it when they go there.

The clergyman said that God has a record of using the least deserving people in doing his work and therefore having a tattoo is not a problem at all

40 Looks Good On You movie which features Stephanie Benson, John Dumelo, Roselyn Ngissah, Eddie Watson, Selassie Ibrahim and many others premieres at the Silverbird Cinemas on Friday, June 21.

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