“Give us our money back” – Angry Applicants Ask For Refund After Police Recruit only 5,000 people Out Of 108,364 applicants

The youths who bought the Ghana Police Service recruitment forms are demanding a refund after fresh reports have revealed that only 5,000 out of the 108,364 applicants will be given the mandate to serve in the security service.

It is a known fact in the country that the Security Service had already chosen the people they wanted to hire, and that the public recruitment process was a waste of time and just a formality to prove that the recruitment process is genuine

And this is why the failed applicants are demanding their 100 cedis voucher fee back.

A report by TV3 has also disclosed that only 93,154 qualified per the information they provided, the other 15,210 had their applications disqualified and 5000 will only wear the police uniform after all is done and dusted.

Prior to this, many Ghanaians had already argued that it is unethical and pure wickedness for the service to profit off people, especially when they knew how many people they would be hiring.

Source: Gossips24.com

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