Ghanaians in Germany disgrace Akufo Addo as they tell him to #Fixthecountry (Video)

The #Fixthecountry mantra seems to have transcended the borders of the country as Ghanaians now based in Germany gave the incumbent president his fair share of the humiliation in a foreign land.

Presently, Nana Addo is on a 7-days tour in Germany for a seven-day official visit following a diplomatic invite by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

In this embarrassing video, the President was dressed to the nines, stepping out of his flashy car and set to attend a high-profile event where he would wine and dine with some bigwigs and most likely ask for some loans as the crowd in the video suggested

Unfortunately, some disappointed Ghanaians who still can’t fathom why Nana Addo hasn’t still been able to live up to expectations citing his campaign days decided to disgrace him by chanting #Fixthecountry.

They requested that he fix Ghana so that they may return to their homelands and no longer be enslaved in Germany.

Abashed Nana Addo immediately entered the building where he would be meeting some of the world’s powerful figures because the #Fixthe country chant was becoming more audible.

Check out the video below to know…


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  1. Appiah-Kubi Thoms says

    Do you call fixing Ghana disgrace to President no it rather admonition, do you call it disgrace when a student alert his or her parents to their school fees. That is their duty not disgrace.

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