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American investor reveals how 10 government officials approached him for a bribe

A top American businessman and investor who happens to be the Managing Director of Alafei Foods Company Limited, Claude D Convisser, has alleged that between eight to ten government officials approached him for bribes when he visited the country to set up his company.

According to him, many businesses in Ghana do not survive for the long term because they spend huge sums of money to pay bribes before they get a chance to operate.

He added that the slow growth of Ghana’s economy is linked to the continuous demand of bribes by people in authority from potential investors.

We haven’t paid bribes and I must say I’m a very stubborn investor even though you have people in government who keep asking how much is in for them. Eight to ten officials in this administration have demanded bribes from me,” Mr Convisser said Friday on the Morning Starr.

Mr Convisser added that a secretary of a parliamentary candidate “keeps demanding bribe from me.

He is reported to have said during an interview on Starr FM.

Source: Gossips24.com

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