Ghanaian nurse twerks heavily instead of taking care of coronavirus patients (video)

With no respect for the uniform, a Ghanaian nurse has been sighted twerking heavily in a video that has gone viral on social media within the last 24-hours.

All frontline health workers – including nurses – in Ghana are doing their best to help fight the deadly coronavirus in Ghana.

Though Ghana’s number of infection has seen a huge rise with the numbers exceeding 5,000, this particular nurse seems unconcerned.

Why? Instead of taking care of patients, including possible coronavirus patients who were on admission at her hospital, this nurse was seen twerking heavily to Nicki Minaj’s “MEGATRON”.

While she was twerking, her colleagues were filming as she displayed her twerking skills. Another male colleague was seen grinding her during the act. Sadly, they couldn’t draw her attention to the fact that she was disgracing the uniform.

This act from the nurse was a needless one and she needs to be sanctioned to serve as an example to others who wear the uniform.


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  1. Anonymous says

    This unnecessary. The fact that she did doesn’t mean u should say rubbish. This is a noble proffesion. Can’t she dance or the twerking is your problem. Tagging her plus covid is insane n inhuman. Her patient recovered n tested positive dats y she is dancing.

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