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Ghanaian lady in US who threw her husband out speaks in tears

A couple of days ago, a Ghanaian lady who resides in the United States with her husband, Nana Bediako, ejected the man violently in a video that is fast going viral on social media.

According to reports, the man in the vide had failed to pay rent for two months.

The woman confirmed in the video, as she packed out her husband’s clothes and threw out in the street, that she had paid the rent twice and was going to show him that she could drive him out.

The lady has been identified as Stella Okyere has finally broken her silence after netizens took her to the cleaners.

Narrating what really transpired, she said friends and family are all aware of her sad story, and she has all the proof about events which led to throwing her husband out but she cannot speak out because she has two kids him.


Source: Gossips24.com

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