Gender Issues: Victoria Hamah slams Joy FM for ‘objectifying’ her

Former deputy Minister for Communications, Victoria Hamah, has slammed Joy FM for carrying a story which she says sought to “objectify” her.

According to her, the media organisation showed her gross disrespect by using “somebody’s buttocks” to represent her in a report carried on its online portal.

The said story was published on in 2013, with the headline “Ghana leaks: Deputy Minister vows to make $1 million in politics; chides “ugly” colleague for sparring with boss”.

I saw this story on Joy FM, it’s online. [The headline] was the deputy minister with my name. And guess the picture that was there? They took somebody’s buttocks in a red pant [to portray me]. It wasn’t me, it was somebody’s buttocks and that was my face. And that is what the media is in this country,” she fumed on Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana.

“What does it tell people when they read that editorial, honestly? When people read about Victoria Hamah then there’s an ass? 

“The media which is a very important actor in the process of our development, I think that, have probably allowed some political and commercial interest in their work.”

Asked if she thinks the media deliberately targets women in politics, she said: “Of course representation is very powerful. Relatively, I experienced that. It’s [the story] is still online and it’s shameful.

“I said I will never step in Multimedia, because it’s very disrespectful and I think that it’s very unethical. I was objectified.”

Former Deputy Communications Minister, Victoria Hamah

The former Deputy Communications Minister further lamented the “discrimination” she faced while in politics, insisting “I think I faced double discrimination”.

She, however, urged Ghanaian women to shrug of such hurdles and to involve themselves more in decision-making roles.

She stressed that the only way women can effect change and thrive in politics is by wearing a tough skin.

Victoria Hamah is currently the Executive Director of the Progressive Organisation for Women Advancement (POWA).

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