Funny Face receives 30-acres of land from a chief in Eastern Region (Video)

Funny Face keeps winning and nothing can stop his shine. Just yesterday, he received a new jeep wrangler from his old-time good friend Emmanuel Adebayor following his accident.

The self-made children’s president has reportedly received a 30-acre land from a chief in the Eastern Region with the intent to build Ghana’s version of Disney land.

The chief, known as Nana Etto Adomako made this gargantuan donation to Funny Face in his palace to aid him in making in developing his Funny World.

In a video that has been spotted on Funny Face’s IG page, the comic actor can be seen prostrating before the chief to thank him for his generous donation.

Meanwhile, Funny Face was saved by two soldiers after he attempted to k!ll himself out of depression.


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