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Funeral ‘Criers’ Set To Increase Their Charges As Prices Of Petroleum Products Have Been Increased


Some Ghanaians have taken the burden of crying at funeral upon themselves (funeral criers) and these people can be contacted at any point in time, all one needs is to pay them.

These individual have reportedly increased their charges following the increase of petroleum products not long ago.

During an interview, a member of the group identified as Ami Dokli indicated that patrons seeking their services should be ready to pay GHC 2,000 as a minimum charge and GHC 4,000 as a maximum charge.

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In her interview, she said;

“We do it normally. When you call us and book for a funeral, we come to your place, we watch the ground, we assess it and then price you. We don’t have an association but I learned recently that there are so many groups coming up.

A lot has changed too because the demand is high so we have to change our prices; we have to increase our prices. You know that some funerals you can’t charge them high. Some you can charge them so it depends on the funeral.”

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