Free SHS Students engage in a massive twerking competition (video)

The year is about to end and it’s as though the government of Ghana invested it resources in giving free SHS tuition to the wrong generation.

Ever since the introduction of free SHS, Ghanaians have seen nothing impressive especially from students who were enrolled on the scheme.

It has been from twerking, to leaks, to alcohol abuse and many more, not to say there is no positive side to the scheme, but the negatives on the side of these students who are living reckless lives have been more.

Well, once again, has chanced on a damming video that captures students of one senior high school in Ghana engaging in a twerking competition.

From the said video, the students were seen shaking their backsides heavily according to the beat. You can clearly see that these kids have mastered in the art of twerking, before you judge, watch the video for yourself and share your thought in the comment section below:

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