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Meet the free SHS female graduate who is now working as a barber to save money for university

This is a wonderful story of a less privileged female SHS graduate who is trying her possible best to enrol herself into the university from the little money she saves form her hair trimming business.

According to Osei Kwame Okyere who shared this amazing story on his Facebook page, she met Mansah who works in a barbering shop in Sampah Valley in the Greater Accra Region in the quest to get a clean shave.

The impressed client further narrated that, he was strikingly shocked after the young girl who completed Swedru SHS revealed herself as the barber in charge of the shop he went to get his hair and beard trimmed.

A part of his post on Facebook about his encounter with Mansah reads;

I sat in the swivel chair quietly, thinking about where to buy a cap, in case this girl messed my hair. She covered me, lowered the chair and the rest is what you see in pictures

As confessed by Kwame Okyere, the experience he had with Mansah was heartfelt and one that he can never forget.

Check out his post below to know more..


So at Sampah Valley, near SCC off Kasoa Road, I bumped into a barbering boot and this is what transpired (all happened in Twi)

Me: hello, are you the last person?
Girl:no, I am here
Me: why? Is the barber not working?
Girl:I am here oo😊, I am the barber
Me:like how? But can you trim my hair?
Girl:yes please, I can.

(at this point surprise mixed with indecisiveness got me standing confused for about a minute. I didn’t know if I was about to endorse child labor, about to get my big ears and boxy head in a messy haircut, or I should just sit down and allow talent to work on me😊😊😊). So the next interactions ensued.

Me:eiii, but are you sure? What’s your name?
Girl:I am Mansah, believe me, I am in charge and I can trim you.

I sat in the swivel chair quietly thinking where to buy cap, in case this funny girl mess my head. She covered me, lowered the chair and the rest is what you see in pictures.This my head and ears, see how she has refined me??

Mansah is a product of Free Education from Swedru, according to her she is gathering some monies to face tertiary education. Visit her shop in that Google map , when she’s done dressing you, just gift her the change, dash her more monies as well😊😊😊😊😊

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