“For A 23 Year Old Girl To Afford Those Things, Its A Huge Thing For Me” – Wendy Shay on her properties saga (video)

Rufftown Records signee, Wendy Addo, synonymously known as Wendy Shay, has come out to defend herself after critics got to her for listing some ‘petty items’ as properties.

The past week has been a tough one for Wendy Shay who was trolled after her interview with TV Africa went wrong.

Though only an excerpt was shared from the interview netizens drew conclusions that the 23 year old singer was shallow and lacked interview skills.

For the first time, Wendy has reacted to the reports and trolls disclosing her childhood was challenging hence her appreciation for the feat music has given her.

Wendy in an interview with MzGee on Joy News revealed how proud she is that she can also afford such items now since she couldn’t sometime ago.

“Most people do not know my upbringing, most people do not know how I started, for me as a 23-year-old girl, to afford the things I can afford now it’s a huge thing for me,”

Wendy Shay told JoyNews’ MzGee.

The ‘Astalavista’ singer disclosed that her mother was only 17 when her dad passed. She struggled to fend for her and her three siblings without help.

“I lost my dad at the age of two and a half and literally my family members took everything from my Mum, the house and car that he left behind so my Mum had to start everything over; it was very tough,”

she revealed.


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