FDA and Police Arrest Brother Sammy to assist In Investigation On Product Claims

Brother Sammy who calls himself ‘the nation worshipper’ for some weeks now has been promoting a medicine he has labelled ‘Divine healing water’.

According to him, the medicine can cure HIV, Asthma, Gonorrhoea, Hepatitis B, Diabetes and even Cancer.

Social media users who were not happy with what Brother Sammy was doing following a viral video of him claiming he has the cure for the above mentioned killer diseases called for his arrest.

In the video, Brother Sammy was seen mixing his much advertised holy water with DDT, the DDT would be seen changing color from orange to colorless.

A lot of social media users then cautioned the Food and Drugs Authority and security agencies to stop the sale of his so-called healing water.

Following the attention drawn, Brother Sammy has been arrested by FDA and Police Today to assist in Investigations on the product claims.

The FDA further adviced the general public not to patronize such products from the artist since it has not been approved yet.

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