Fani-Kayode comments on the FBI’s report about Abba Kyari’s dealings with Hushpuppi in an alleged fraud-related case

Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode has responded to reports that Deputy Commissioner of Police Abba Kyari had ties with cyber-fraudster Hushpuppi who pleaded guilty in a US court last two days and is likely to face up to 20 years jail sentence

According to Fani-Kayode, Kyari is not guilty of the plot for which he is being accused.

He expressed this in a series of tweets on his official Twitter account, saying that he will believe in the police chief’s innocence until he finds evidence to the contrary.

He wrote;

 A super cop that has risked his life protecting us from kidnappers, murderers & terrorists all these years& that has arrested more criminals than any other is accused of taking bribes from a yahoo boy & scammer all the way from America & we are expected to believe it?

”Not me! ..Abba is one of the bravest cops in Nigeria & I will not believe these allegations levelled against him or condemn him unless I see any evidence to the contrary. He has proved himself when it comes to catching criminals and I do not believe that he is one himself…If he were he would not have such an excellent record in combating crime.

”Nigerians seem to take delight in believing & assuming the worse about their best.That is part of our problem: we love & celebrate the evil but we despise & seek to pull down the righteous & good…As far as I am concerned there are as many crooked, bent & killer cops all over the world as there are good ones & America has its fair share of both.

”The only people that ought to take pleasure in reading this crap about Abba are the kidnappers and terrorists in our country…Allegations are a dime a dozen & an indictment is not a conviction. Show me the evidence or keep your mouth shut. I urge Abba to continue the good work he has been doing & not allow himself to be distracted by his numerous detractors.This is a conspiracy to destroy his career.

Meanwhile, a lot of Nigerians on the internet are also saying otherwise and according to them, they have always suspected Abba Kyari of being a criminal and a notorious cop before this development popped out of nowhere.


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