Fameye Is Arrogant And His Disrespect Towards The Kumasi Media Will Not Go Unpunished – Popular Presenter Fires

Just when fast-rising musician Peter Fameye probably thought things were running smoothly for him as his latest single is gradually becoming the toast of many music lovers, he has been hit with a major controversy as a section of the entertainment media in the Garden City, Kumasi feels he has totally disrespected them.

According to David Germain Portfolio, a popular MC and presenter with Kumasi based top media house, Kessben FM, the OGB records signed musician after his recent popularity in the media space is already throwing about his weight on the media, especially the Kumasi media.

In a Facebook post of his sighted by gossips24.com, he reveals that Fameye decided to walk away from their studio after they had booked him for an interview on Kessben TV’s most decorated 3D entertainment show, “Music Pluz”, hosted by Mr. Bones just because he wanted the interview to come on at a time which was different for the scheduled time of the show.

David Germain Portfolio expresses his total shock as to why a literal nobody in the music industry, who has just one hit song after the many years of being in the industry will decide to disrespect the ‘big’ Kessben media platform, just because it is based in Kumasi.

He questions Fameye through his post if he would have done a similar thing on any of the top media platforms in Accra. Germain ended by disclosing that because of Fameye’s disrespect towards the production team of the show, it has become difficult for him to get other up and coming talents like Imrana of “Imagine Say” fame onto the show.

Check out his full post below:

“Herr, anokwa!!! mpaninfo) se, “3T) DA BI A, NKATE3 NNY3 D3,” — you, I mean you #FAMEY3? SMH-

#PORTFOLIO writes.
“Afidie no yi Aboa no a, ne suu nko, wosane no wie nso a,ne suu nko”, may whichever akan grey hair that spoke this proverb rest in absolute and perfect peace, this is so true.

Who in Ghana didn’t witness this dude begging for media attention,? I mean when even a lot of top notch media houses felt you haven’t gotten there yet and tagged you as substandard to be featured on their platforms by then,some of us were consistently trying let some pessimist in our industry know you were promising..
Since the time of your debut #Destiny and your ” nothing i get” release ,we at #kessbenMedia have dedicated a whole TV and radio shows trying to let our listeners know via debates and heated arguments when they pitched you against #kwesiAuthur claiming you were trying to mimicking him to find your way in the industry…
Go and ask your fellow artistes in your league how much it Costs to run a video promo on #kessbenTV “Music PluZ”, one of the most decorated 3D entertainment show brands we have in Ghana.. 
I have a couple of times questioned my boss #MRbonez on what it is about you that has made your music videos dominated our playlist on the show in recent times and he will make his usual statement ” Portfolio, Ghana de3, y3ma talents br3″, so allow me to help the guy.

Today, you, you , #Famey3 think an average hit, #Rasta and #thick lips makes you a #Shatawale and so you can disrespect the Kumasi media and still make your way to the top??? You are as funny as “Patapaa’s rap lines”

A senior TV presenter handling one of Ghana’s most decorated shows that has hosted all the ‘A-list artistes in Ghana, gives you a rare opportunity to host you on such a platform, makes serious publicity and art cover as his own small way of helping to push a young brand and you come only to dictate the time you want to have the interview, I mean, to change the entire program schedule to suit you and so you walk away,???? I have never seen my boss this regrettable than the very day this #Famey3 guy showed this attitude..
Concert nigguh, the likes of global brands #stonebouy#OkyeamKwame#LynzActs#Flowking have had to wait for hours to have their turns on the show and you “nt)feefeewa” and germinating guy want to step in with your terms and conditions?? Gyama woyale.
Now because of your arrogant act, I have been denied my plea to lobby for help for upcoming talents on the show who aren’t financially sound enough to pay for our services..
I am still pushing hard for my team to accept hosting the #IMRANA (imagine say) guy and a host of others who need help..
Ad3n na moma y3boa MO nu y3n ho SAA??? Can you go to #Ghone or an Accra TV show and dictate their schedule to suit your convenience?
But this is an admonishment to my fellow KSI media, I think is high time we let these chaps know that we toil to build brands and set standards for them, let’s put them on their level so they learn to give respect to whom is due.
But this #FAMEY3 guy, OK “Nothing I get” to say again, let me end here….ibi Ghana we dey!” 

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