Fameye Didn’t Slap Ogidi Brown – Manager claims

Several online portals, including your favorite, Gossips24.com, reported on video that suggested Fameye, slapped his manager’s phone while filming him without his permission.

This happened while the two were arguing over money in Italy. The events have unravelled so many happenings in the camp of OGB Music which we reported yesterday on how Fameye exited the group’s page and changed his name on his social media pages.

But reacting to the story, acclaimed manager of the Nothing I Get singer, Owen Ghana explained that Fameye never slapped Ogidi Brown as it’s been reported in the media space.

According to him, Fameye is not a violent person who goes around slapping people anyhow and can never even do that to his label boss.

He continued that the reports suggesting that Fameye slapped his label boss is just to tarnish the musician’s brand hence should not be taken seriously.

He added that Ogidi Brown is one of the powerful people in Italy as such bad stuff about him on social media can cause trouble.

Fameye Didn't Slap Ogidi Brown - Manager claims

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