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EXPOSED: Sisterhood club in Ghana that collects and uses sperms to make cash (screenshots)

Gossips24.com has obtained screenshots of a conversation between one Angela Smith, and another lady about a sisterhood club that operates in Ghana.

Per the screenshots sighted by Gossips24.com, we deduced members of the group sleep with men and collect their sperms which they exchange for cash.

We are made to understand that this group, which has one popular social media user, Angela Smith as a member, recruits young girls who are above 18.

Apparently, new recruits are given special men to sleep with and collect his sperm as their first assignment. They are made to collect the sperms and submit them for money. The club can pay as high as $500 for a sperm.

We are told by Angela Smith, who is a member that the club sells the sperm to Doctors for artificial insemination and other things – not mentioned in the chat.

Checkout the screenshots below;

SOURCE: Gossips24.com

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