Efia Odo clashes with Kwadwo Sheldon over #Fixthecountry campaign and John Mahama

Honcho of the #Fixthecountry campaign – Efia Odo has gone into bonkers after top-notch vlogger Kwadwo Sheldon accused her of receiving funds from former president John Mahama to dirty Nana Addo and the ruling NPP government.

According to Kwadwo Sheldon he’s more than convinced that John Mahama is the master brainer behind the #Fixthecountry campaign and has recruited the likes of Efia Odo to champion his agenda of discrediting Nana Addo achievements.

He further went ahead to share a piece of a document that suggests that former President Mahama is funding the #FixTheCountry protestors.

Efia Odo, who has been at the helm of the entire #FixTheCountry hold the view that Kwadwo Sheldon has been trying hard to thwart their efforts and render everything they have been fighting for meaningless.

She also gave it very hot to Kwadwo Sheldon for spewing gross lies about her.

The video vixen wrote the following to counter Kwadwo Sheldon’s attacks;

We are working our ass off and all you can do is create distractions. To defame our names just because we want the country to move forward? What kind of human being are you?? Kwadwo Sheldon you’re a disappointment, smh. Stop circulating that fake document!”

“Kwadwo Sheldon, that fraudulent document you just pulled out your ass is wack. I actually thought you was a real one but you’re fake and easily bought! You’re cheap and I’ve lost any respect I’ve had for you! Why would you set an Agenda like this?? How much are they paying you??”

“I repeat this is NOT FROM US!!! Sheldon don’t fuck around. How much are they paying you for this. Where’s Mahamas signature??? Get the fuck outta here! I can pay for this shit outta cash! No one needs no help over here!!” Efia Odo wrote.

Source: Gossips24.com

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